What's included in my purchase?
Upon completing your software purchase, you'll receive an authentic Microsoft product key, allowing you to activate your product directly through the Microsoft website.

How will I obtain my product key?
Your product key will be digitally delivered via email immediately and automatically after payment through our shopping system.

Does the software have an expiration date?
No, once you've acquired the software, it remains active indefinitely. Our software doesn't rely on subscription-based licenses with renewal dates. In the event of a computer upgrade, you can easily download the software again and employ the same key to activate it on your new PC. (Occasionally, you might need to deactivate the existing installation first.)

Is a Microsoft Account necessary?
Yes, but don't fret; setting up a Microsoft Account is a straightforward and cost-free process. It offers additional perks, like 5GB of OneDrive storage. Many individuals with a Windows 10 or higher PC likely already possess a Microsoft account. However, if you're unsure about creating one, we've designed a helpful guide to assist you.

What are the steps to download, install, and activate my product?
The process of downloading, installing, and fully activating your software is hassle-free. However, recognizing that not everyone is familiar with the procedure, we've compiled an extensive collection of guides and walkthroughs to guide you through. In the unlikely event of persistent issues, don't worry—we're here to help. Reach out to us, and we'll provide immediate assistance.

How long does it take between purchasing the software and being able to use it?
Our aim is to have you enjoying your new software's benefits as swiftly as possible. We promptly deliver your product key upon payment receipt. From there, it's simply a matter of logging into your Microsoft account (or creating one), downloading the software, and completing the installation. The duration depends on your internet speed and computer performance, but most individuals can have the software up and running within an hour or two of purchasing.

Is my purchase safeguarded, and what kind of coverage do I have?
Absolutely, your purchase is well-protected. All transactions benefit from PayPal Buyer Protection, ensuring a refund in case of product description discrepancies or key-related issues. We prioritize top-tier customer care. Should any concerns arise with your purchase, we're dedicated to resolving them effectively.

I'm encountering difficulties with product activation or installation, what's the next step?
Rest assured, we're always available to assist with any challenges you encounter after your purchase. Our comprehensive array of guides addresses numerous scenarios where issues may arise. Should you not find a solution, please get in touch with us. Our technical support team is committed to helping you overcome any hurdles.

Can I utilize the software on a Mac?
Our products exclusively cater to Windows PCs and aren't compatible with Apple devices. The only exceptions are Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Business for Mac, Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business for Mac, and Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business for Mac.

Will I receive software updates?
Certainly, you'll receive all relevant updates as long as Microsoft continues to support the product.