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Our direct relationship with our software partners saves you money.

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For over a decade, our team of software industry experts has created relationships that have saved our customers thousands of dollars a year in software costs. was created by Will Tolive and Trish Blicker, two software industry veterans with deep contacts in the global software distribution industry. We spent the majority of careers selling enterprise level software systems for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies around the globe.

After years of conferences and travelling around the country selling, configuring and implementing complex software services, Will began considering how he was going to be able to stay home and spend more time with his kids and continue to work in an industry that he loved.

Trish had the idea to use Will's extensive industry contacts to create value for people looking for the same software that Will have been selling for over a decade, and was born!

Now, Will maintains the relationships with software companies that help us deliver the value to our customers and Trish works the phones and helps our customers find the software that best fits their needs.

Welcome to Our relationships are your savings. We're not happy until every client is satisfied.


Will Tolive and Trish Blicker